Monday, July 25, 2016

Week 50 One year this week

Hey everyone! This week was really great. Elder Miranda's nose is a lot better. We have to go to the Doctor today to make sure everything is good though. Other than we're having a great time. It's good cause he's really excited and willing to learn. This week was a little slow cause of the weather and a lot of people are sick and it was winter vacation so some people were out of town. We weren't able to teach as much as we would have liked but this week will be better. 
This week we had a mini conference thing and President Diaz talked about "The Truth" It was really really awesome. I wrote down a quote of what he said but I forgot to bring my notebook here. I'll send it next week. 
This week something that was on my mind a lot this week was the truthfulness of this church. When it comes down to it, the church is true. It's that simple. There's no denying it. No one can prove it wrong. For almost 200 years people have tried but they can't. The real issue isn't if it's true or not; it's what we do with this knowledge. We have the true and restored gospel of Jesus Christ in our lives. What are we gonna do with it? Are we gonna apply it and really enjoy the blessings that God has in store for us or let it go to waste? I know life is hard sometimes but we have the gospel. God restored it to us for a reason. To make life better. To make life easier. I love everything about this church. This is the only way to be truly happy.
I love all you guys and I hope everyone has a great week.
Also, I can't believe it's been one year this week.

The zone

His first completo 

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