Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 2

Hola everyone! This week was awesome! It's totally true what they say about missions. Days are long, weeks are short. It seems like I was just emailing everyone yesterday. Anyway, me and my compañero are really starting to notice our spanish getting better. We taught another lesson yesterday and we actually felt really good about it. We have a long way to go but the gift of tongues is real. Also sundays are so awesome here. We watched a devotional from Elder Holland from a few years back and it was so awesome. He talked about being a missionary forever and truly being converted to the gospel. It was really great. Also we found out that Elder Christofferson is coming here in 2 weeks to do a devotional. I'm super pumped. A quote that I heard this week that I really liked. "Obedience brings blessings, exact obedience brings miracles" Being a missionary you can't afford to just have blessings. Learning a language in 6 weeks is a miracle. Having complete strangers let a couple teenagers in their house and teach them is a miracle. Having someone completely change their lives to follow Christ is a miracle. The only way to have these miracles is by being exactly obedient. Me and my compañero really worked hard this week to be exactly obedient and we saw how much it helped us learn spanish and be able to teach with the spirit. This can apply to everyone though. If you want to see how God can perform miracles, be exactly obedient. Anyway, I love this gospel so much and I can't wait to share it with real investigators in less than a month. This gospel is the most important message that anyone can hear. Don't ever take for granted how lucky we are to be the few who know about it. I love you all and go share this wonderful message with someone who doesn't know about it.
To see pictures from my mission go to this link
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An excerpt from the email to the family:
I have a funny story. So some words in spanish sound very similar but can mean very different things. Kinda like in English. So "amaroso" means loving and "almuerzo" means lunch. So sometimes Heavenly Father is lunch lol. Also "pecado" means sin and "pescado" means fish. So sometimes through Jesus Christ we can be freed from our fish lol.

Typical Day in the CCM

6:30 Wake up, shower, study
7:30 Breakfast
8-9 Personal Study
9-10 Prepare and teach investigator
10-11 Language Study
11-12 Coaching on How to Teach
12-12:30 Study time
12:30 Lunch
1:30-2:30 Gym Time
3-4 Language Study
4-5 Prepare and teach investigator
5-6 Gospel Doctrine Class
6:00 Dinner
7-9 Language Study
9-9:30 Planning
9:30-10:30 Personal Time

He says he has Nutella toast with every meal

Me and my comañero made friends with some Nativos and they're way funny. They don't speak English but somehow we understand them lol

We ordered Krispy Kreme donuts for him

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