Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 3 (Halfway done at the CCM)

¡Hola everyone! This week was really awesome! And time is flying by. Today we are already halfway done with the CCM (MTC). It's crazy. I can't believe the improvement that my companion and I have had. He's such a hard worker and we are learning so quickly together. The two lessons we taught yesterday were so amazing. I could honestly say that I wasn't the one talking. Something that we focused on this week was listening. Before, I would tend to try to think of what I was going to say before it was my turn to talk. But we focused on listening and then just saying whatever we felt the spirit wanted us to say. It was so amazing. There were two things that happened. First we felt genuine love for our "investigator" because we listened to what she had to say. And second we learned that the spirit truly is the teacher. I felt the spirit so much and so much love for not even a real investigator. If that's anything like what it's like teaching a real investigator then I can't wait. Also we got to go the Mexico City temple open house today. It was so cool. They told us it's the largest temple outside of the US and 1 of 5 temples that has Moroni holding the golden plates. It was so pretty. Anyway, I love being a missionary and representing our Savior. It's hard to put into words how much I love this gospel. The happiness that it can bring to our lives is amazing. I love all of you and I hope you have a great week.

Part of what he wrote to the family: This is weird to say but we are so busy all the time that I like don't have time to be homesick. I still miss and love all of you so much but I'm here for a reason. To bring people this gospel so they can have the same knowledge that we have. I know I'm gonna see you guys again. But there are thousands of people in Chile who don't know that yet. Anyway, I know that this MTC is the best one in the world. It's so pretty where we are. It's so crazy cause it's literally in the middle of Mexico City. It's loco outside of the walls. (By the way mom, the walls are 8 feet of brick with 6 feet of barb wire fence and it's 24 hour surveillance and security. No one is getting in lol). But inside it's amazing. There's tons of palm trees and there are dozens of wild parrots that fly around. They're green and red and they're all over it's awesome. And every one of the workers is so nice. The lunch ladies, the maintenance, even the weed whacker guy stops and says hi. Well they say hola but you know what I mean. I love it here. It's funny cause outside the walls is loco. We hear "fireworks" every day lol. Also saturday nights are fiesta nights in the city. Our casa is right next to the wall and we hear it all. Last saturday, someone was playing the macarena so loud. It was funny lol. 

Him and his companion Elder Stagg
Playing the guitar in the middle of the street lol
If you look closely in this one you will notice that a man has painted himself silver lol
More loconess
The mcdonalds was one the nicest buildings we saw in Mexico City
loco loco
Him and Elder Allman
Him, Hermana Black, and Elder Allman

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