Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 22

Hola everyone. This week was awesome. Christmas was different without snow but it was still great. They call Santa Claus here Viejito Pascuero. And they open presents at midnight and not in the morning. It was super fun talking to the family though. It was kinda weird seeing everybody at the same time but it was great seeing them. It's getting hotter and busier here in Quintero now that it's almost the middle of the summer. It's pretty popular for tourists cause the beaches and stuff are cheaper than other cities. 
Yesterday, we pretty cool. Constanza got confirmed and I was able to do it. It was so cool. Also, we were talking to here and she told us that she's been thinking about serving a mission. We were so pumped when she told us. 
Also, there's couple that we've been teaching for a long long time. Literally my entire mission and they finally came to church yesterday. And they've been reading the BOM together so that's awesome. 
We have a baptism scheduled in 2 weeks and we're helping him a lot to get ready.
That's mostly it for this week. Thanks for all the prayers and support. I hope everyone has a good week.

There's BYU fans in Chile too

Christmas dinner

On the bus

I bought a pastry on the bus lol

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