Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 29

Hey everyone. We had a good week this week. Transfers were Wednesday. I got moved to a new area. I'm now in the Valparaíso West Zone. Our sector is called Levarte. It's so much different than my last area. It's pure hills and stairs all day long. We're definitely losing weight here. The area that we're in now used to be 3 areas but they took all the missionaries out, combined the 3 areas, and put me and my companion in. So we're both new and we have no idea where anybody lives here or the street names or anything. The past few days we've just been walking around all day trying to get to know the area and get used to the hills. My new companion is Elder Wilcox. He's from Lehi so that's cool. 
It's been really hard so far cause we don't know anything about the sector. It's been kinda nice though cause all the members feel really bad for us. Two gringos in a huge new sector. We've had a lot of help from them so that's been nice.
There's a few investigators here getting ready for baptism but we've only been able to find one of them so far. We're still trying to find the others' houses lol but we're doing good though. We've been able to see the Lord's hand in these past few days so that's cool. I know I'm gonna love it here though. In general, the people are more humble here. 
I love being a missionary and sharing this gospel with everyone. Thanks for all the prayers and support. I hope everyone has a great week.

To the family: The views here are incredible and the hills are so steep. There's a saying within the missionaries that the hills in Valpo are so steep that your tie touches the ground when you walk up them. It's fairly accurate. My new comp is Elder Wilcox from Lehi. He's got 6 months left. He's really awesome. We're gonna have a really good time. He's way chill and hard worker. I'll have more stuff next week cause we haven't really taught a whole lot so far. Next week will be better. Love you guys

This is our house. We live on the second floor. All the members call it the barbie house

this hill is really mild compared to some others

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