Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 31

Hey everyone! This week was awesome. Things are starting to pick up now that my companion and I are getting the area better. We had a couple miracles this week. On Tuesday we were trying to find this house that we found in the ward list but we ended up finding this guy that was sitting on a chair in front of his house. His eyes lit up like he knew us. He told us to come in cause his wife is Mormon. One thing led to another and he told us he's ready to change. He told us he wants to be with his wife forever. They're both super old and she can't really walk well. And he's in the first stages of Alzheimer's so it's been a challenge for him to remember everything but he's trying really hard. If everything goes well, he'll get baptized in a couple weeks. Then we found this guy knocking on doors a couple weeks ago but he couldn't meet with us till Saturday. We went over and he's awesome. He told us that his friend at work had taught him a lot about the church and that he already knew it was true. He's read most of the Book of Mormon and he's been to church with his friend several times. He told us that he knows that this is the true church, he said he just needs to make his covenant of baptism. He even told us that he hopes to make more covenants in the temple someday. It was awesome. We were gonna put a baptismal date but his wife wasn't there and we want them to be able to do it together. It was so cool though. 
I know this is the Lord's work and he's pŕeparing people everyday to hear this message. I'm so grateful to be a part of it.
Thanks everyone for all the support and prayers. I love all you guys and I hope everyone has a great week.

Jose lol

The fog has been crazy this week

this is how we paid our land lady lol

Elder D's grilled cheese 

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