Monday, March 28, 2016

Week 33

Hey everyone! We had a really awesome week. It's crazy how fast time is going by though. It seems like I was just emailing. Anyway, we had a zone conference with President Diaz on Wednesday and it was really awesome. He talked a lot about miracles and how they are manifested now a days. It was really cool. Then he also talked a lot about asking inspired questions and how we can get our investigators to really search the scriptures and try and apply them in their lives. It seemed to be just what I needed. I've been trying to apply it in our lessons and it's really working. Then probably the highlight of the week was yesterday. Our investigator José got baptized. It was super cool. It's been cool to see the change in him. He's been taking the lessons for more than 30 years but he never wanted to stop drinking. His wife never stopped praying for him though. She told us that she knew someday he would accept the gospel in his life. Ever since we started meeting with him, he hasn't had any alcohol. After 60 years of drinking, he just gave it up. It's been so awesome to see his change. They're already talking about getting sealed in the temple. 
Well I hope everyone had an awesome Easter and had an opportunity to reflect on all the Savior has done for us. And how much influence he can have in our lives if we let him. I know that he lives and he loves us. Thanks for all the prayers and support. Love you guys and I hope everyone has an awesome week.
P.S. Let's get ready for conference!

José was so excited for his baptism that he decided to wear his dentures lol.

lol he gave us these hats so we bought him a new one

El Guatón

El Guatón in my Guatón

we found triplets

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