Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 32

Hey everyone. We had a great week this. We had to postpone the baptism but it's gonna happen soon. No worries. He's got an awesome testimony and everything. Also, we have another baptism coming up this Sunday too. José is gonna get baptized. He's 74 years and has a little bit of alzheimer's. He forgets a lot of stuff but he's trying so hard to remember everything. It's so cute cause his wife is a really faithful member and she reads the Book of Mormon to him every day and he tries so hard to understand. He's awesome though.
We're doing really great though. We've been able to find a new investigators this week that have a lot of potential to progress. We're really excited to see how it goes with them.
We're getting really excited for conference. I can't wait to be able to hear from our Prophet and the Apostles. We're gonna the Book of Mormon right before conference so I'm really excited to hear the counsel they have for us. 
I love the Gospel so much. My love and understanding of it grows every day. We're so blessed to have the knowledge and hope that we have a Father in Heaven loves us and that we can live with our families forever if we do what he asks us. I hope everyone has a chance to reflect on the blessings that we receive from the Gospel in our lives.
Thanks everyone for the emails and support. I hope everyone has an awesome week.

St. Paddys day in chile 

We had twins this week 

Star Wars Mac n cheese

We're perfecting elder D's grilled cheese 

Enjoying the grilled cheese lol

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