Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 42

Hey everyone! We had a great week this week. We saw a lot of miracles. The other day we were contacting like all day and we weren't having any luck. There was a few minutes left till we had to go home so we decided to do one more house. Nobody came out and we were just about to leave but then this lady pulled up and we told her that we were missionaries and everything. It turns out that her dad died last week and she said she had been hoping that someone would come and help her get closer to God. She asked us "Who sent you guys? How did you guys know to come here?" It was really really cool. Then we have another investigator who was gonna get baptized but her mom told her no. We'd been praying so that her mom would soften her heart to let her get baptized. Yesterday when we got to church, Valentina (our investigator) was there and she came up to us and asked us when she could get baptized. Her mom gave her permission. We were super happy. So next weekend she's gonna get baptized.
This Wednesday we have transfers so we'll see what happens. We really want to stay cause we're having a really great time. 
The mission is so great and this gospel so amazing. It's so cool to think that God has given us literally everything we need to be truly happy. He's aware of us and He loves us. Thanks for all the prayers and support. I hope everyone has a great week. 

We made a "Mormon Box" and gave it to our doorman lol

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