Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 8

Hola everyone! This week was so much better. And then we had an earthquake. We lost everything. Our house was completely destroyed. Lol just kidding. We´re doing great. The center of the earthquake was like 4 hours away or something so it actually wasn't that bad here. We felt it and everything but there was like no damage anywhere. We we were actually in the church for a meeting and we were reading a scripture about teaching with the power and authority of God when it happened lol. Kinda ironic. Anyway, this week has been way better. I've been praying so hard for help with the language and adjusting to Chilean lifestyle. Heavenly Father answers prayers and he knows us personally. I've literally had a million tender mercies this week. I'm no where close to being fluent but I've been able to understand more and comunicate more than I thought would based on the first week. Chilean is easy once you learn what words don't mean anything and take them out. Then add the letters into words that they seem to forget lol. Every day it gets better. Anyway, I love the people in Chile. Everyone is so humble. Most people don't have a whole lot but they make the best of it. I love them. I'm learning a lot from my companion. He's a really hard worker and takes over when I can't understand. I love the food here too. Almost everyday we eat lunch with members from the ward and it's been so good. Anyway, overall this week has been so much better. I love Chile and I love being a missionary. Thanks for the prayers. I've really been able to feel them this week.

To the family: This week was actually really great. It was much better than last week. Chilean is coming along. Slower than I want but I know that I have to do my part in order to get the gift of tongues. Thanks so much for the prayers. I really could feel them this week.

Casa sweet casa 

Shampoo in a bag lol

Baño sweet baño

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