Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 9

Hey everyone! This week was actually really great. Chilean is coming along. I'm starting to understand a lot more but speaking is still really hard. But I am able to help teach a little in the lessons now but everyday conversations are still really tough. As far as investigators go, we're teaching quite a few but almost all of them seem to have something holding them back. We're working really hard to clear up their doubts and help them see the Lord's hand in their life. One of our investigator's name is Yenifer Lopez so that's pretty cool. We have one investigator that I think is pretty close to getting baptized. She's reading and praying and has tons of questions. But she's just waiting for her answer. Anyway, I love the ward here. They're so awesome. I'm the gringo in the ward but that's alright lol. Also they call Utah "La fábrica" which means the factory. I guess they have a lot of missionaries from Utah lol. We eat lunch with the members almost everyday. It's always so good. And they feed us so much. Yesterday I actually had probably my favorite thing so far. It was this fried caulflower cheese thing. It was so good. 
A couple days ago, me and my companion went to this Evangelical church gathering thingy. But it was a complete accident lol. We got a reference from someone in the ward so we go to the house and this super nice lady comes out. We tell her we're missionaries and ask her if Fernanda is there. She says yeah and invites us in. We go into the living room and there's a preacher just preachin his heart out and probably 10 people gathered around sayin "Sí Señor" "Gracias Señor" and other stuff I didn't understand. I'm freaked out and want to leave but at this point, we're in too deep lol. We decided to stay for a minute to be polite. After a few minutes of preachin, this lady gets up and says this 5 minute prayer and the whole time everyone is mumblin spanish words to themselves. Then after the prayer, 2 of the teenagers there bust out there amps and electric guitars and start playing Spanish Christian Rock songs. It was awesome lol. Somehow everyone knows all the words and me and my companion are just standing there. After 2 songs we decided to leave lol. It was awesome. But we made an appointment to come back when they weren't singing. We'll see what happens lol. 
In conclusion, I love Chile and I love the people here. Even though I can't understand everything right now, I love it. Being a missionary is so so hard but I wouldn't want it any other way. Thanks everyone for the prayers. I could really feel them this week. 

Hola familia. This week was great. My companion is so awesome. It would be so hard to train a gringo how to speak spanish and be district leader and help me learn how to teach the lessons lol. He's so cool. And I found out he's the only member in his family. He's a stud. I love Quintero. It's awesome. Most of it is paved but some of it is dirt roads. It's sweet cause it's a peninsula and surrounded by the ocean. There are some gorgeous views. I love it. The food is great here. A really popular food that I've eaten quite a bit is called porrotos. It's like a soup with lots of beans and noodles. It's pretty good most of the time. A lady in our ward does our laundry. And I email you guys at this internet cafe in downtown Quintero. And I found out I'm gonna be able to watch conference in English. The one guy in the ward that speaks a little bit of english said he would watch it with me cause he wants to practice his English. I'm really excited. And three new apostles. That's pretty sweet. I don't know if I'll have time to do pictures and email everyone this week cause these emails were long but next week I will try to. I love you all so much and thank you everyone for the prayers. 

Here's a picture of him and his companion from the mission blog

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