Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 10

Hola everyone. This week was actually really great. Last week after I emailed we had a lesson with one of our investigators who was waiting for her answer. We had a sweet lesson planned but the Spirit took us another way. She told us that after the first time we taught her about Joseph Smith, she had nightmares for a couple days. Then she decided to pray before she went to bed and she stopped having the nightmares. Then she asked us if the nightmares were normal to have. We decided to show her the part in The Restoration video when Joseph prays and Satan tries to stop him from praying. After she watched it she started crying and told us that was her answer. She´s getting baptized this Sunday. I'm so excited for her. It's cool cause we went to her house a few more times this past week to finish the lessons and check in and make sure she's doing alright. I can already see a change in her. She's happier and she's not even baptized yet. It's crazy what the Spirit can do. 
Conference was awesome. I got to watch like half of them in English. It's funny cause conference is like Christmas for missionaries. It was so good though. I think sometimes I took for granted how incredible it is to have a living prophet and living apostles that receive revelation from Heavenly Father for us. It's really like Heavenly Father is speaking to us. 
Anyway, Spanish is coming along. I can literally see the improvement every day. It's awesome. The food is amazing, the people are amazing, and being a missionary is amazing. I love it. Thanks for all the prayers. I can truly feel them. I hope everyone has a great week

To the family: Hola Familia. Everything is going great this week. Time is starting to go by a lot faster now that I can understand a little bit of what everyone is saying. Sometimes there's people that I have no idea what they're saying but in general I can get the basic jist of what they're trying to say. Speaking is getting a little better too. It's still harder than listening but it's coming along. It's funny cause they want the Latino missionaries to learn English too so I help my companion learn English. Except I'm teaching him Utahn instead of English. He says Utahn is easier lol. But everything is great. I made a guy laugh the other day too so that's pretty sweet. And it wasn't in English. He laughed in Spanish. That's probably the primary acomplishment for the week. Anyway, I love you all so so so much. Thanks for all the prayers. And thanks for all the updates. Love you all and have a great week.

Him and his companion 

Elder dickerson specialty 

His companion has cars sheets

Ocean view from a member's house 

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