Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 13

Hola everyone. This week was great. Me and my companion are staying in Quintero. This week, we had another awesome encounter with the Holy Ghost. Last week, I think it was Tuesday, we had our first two appointments fall through so we were feeling down. Then we felt like we should go to this one house. This lady comes out and starts talking to us. She's really harsh and starts telling us a bunch of stuff she's heard about the church. All of it wasn't true. We then started to try to clarify some of things that she had heard. Little by little the Spirit softened her heart and she invited us in cause she was curious. Anyway, we teach her the first lesson. She was really surprised at a lot of the stuff. When we finish the lesson, she told us that she had been praying to know if the church she was going to was the right one. When she found out about Joseph Smith she felt like it was an answer. She committed to get baptized in a few weeks from now. The Holy Ghost is amazing.
Anyway, that's mostly it for this week. We're teaching several other investigators that are so so close but there's something little that's holding them back from getting baptized. We're trying hard to clear up there doubts.
Thanks everyone for the prayers and stuff. I can feel everyone's love and support. I hope everyone has a great week.

Part of what he wrote to the family: This week was great. Elder Leto and I are staying in Quintero. I'm so glad cause I love it here. I'm starting to understand a lot more when Chileans talk to me. There's still some that I can't understand cause they talk so fast and slur words together but it's getting better every day. Elder Leto is awesome. I found out that he's been a missionary longer than he's been a member of the church. He was only a member for a little over a year when he left and he's been a missionary for like a year and half now. He's awesome.

I ate Gary this week (sorry Spongebob)

the four missionaries in Quintero. the other 2 are from Peru. 

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