Monday, November 2, 2015

Week 14

Hey everyone. This week was pretty good. I can't believe it's already November. October flew by. Also Halloween isn't the same here. They celebrate it and everything but it's not the same. A lot of people don't like it cause they feel like they're copying America. Chileans like to be original.
Anyway, Spanish is coming along. I'm starting to feel pretty good. I still have my moments but I'm having less of them lol. We have an investigator with a baptismal date. The only thing is she might have to work on sundays now that it's summer. We're praying that she won't have to. She's already read like half the book of mormon and she told us she believes it's true and Joseph Smith was a prophet of god. The only thing holding her back would be work. We're praying hard for her. Anyway, we are teaching a few other people too. But Satan is the worst. They're really close but they're having some doubts. We're trying hard to help them out. It's coming along. Slowly but surely. Well that's mostly it for this week.
I love all you guys. Thanks for all the prayers and support.

To the family: Hola familia. Just wanted to say I love you guys. A challenge I have for you guys this week is do what the sacrament prayer says. Always remember Him. Throughout the week try to think of our Savior during the day. If we do this then we have the promise in the sacrament prayer. We'll always have His Spirit with us. Love you guys so much

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