Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week 5

This week was awesome! It went by so fast! I can't believe there's only 6 more days here. It's gonna be so hard to leave because I've gotten so close to my district. Everyone has such strong testimonies and they're all gonna be studs. We actually just barely got our flight plans and stuff. Me and the guys headed to Viña del Mar are leaving Monday night and the guys going to Milwaukee are leaving Tuesday morning. I'm so excited to get out and teach real people this wonderful message. 

Anyway, on Wednesday, Elder Christofferson came and he did a devotional/question and answer thing. It was so cool. I've never seen an apostle that close. It's crazy cause he's just a regular guy but the power and spirit that he brought was amazing. He didn't have a single note and talked for over an hour about awesome stuff for missionaries. And then he did a question and answer thing. In his talk, he talked a little bit about being thankful for the blessings that we have before we ask for more. And it made me think about my prayers and stuff. I ask for a lot of blessings. Please help me learn the language, please help me not get sick. When in reality, I've already been so blessed with how much I've learned and grown. My prayers are a lot more thanks now and a lot less begging for blessings. In summary, Elder Christofferson was awesome and I learned so much.

On Sunday, we watched the movie of the restoration. I've seen that movie several times but I've never appreciated it as much as I do now. I owe everything to Joseph Smith. No one can comprehend everything he did for this gospel and for us. No way in the world would he sacrifice all that he did if it was all fake. No way would he risk his life, his family's life, be tarred and feathered, beaten, imprisoned if it was fake. I am forever grateful for everything he did for this church. But the coolest part is, we can find out for ourselves. We can read the Book of Mormon, pray to our Father in Heaven, and know for ourselves that it's true. We can have our own testimony that we know that this gospel is true. We don't have to lean on anyone's testimony. We are blessed to have the Book of Mormon and the knowledge that Heavenly Father hears our prayers. And if we pray and ask to know that it's true, we can have our own testimony just like Joseph Smith. Go reread Joseph Smith history and pray about it and I know that Heavenly Father will testify of its truthfulness.

Well, less than a week till I can preach this amazing gospel for real. I´m so nervous but excited at the same time. I know there's people in Chile just waiting for this amazing message. I love all of you and I'm so thankful for all the support. Next time I email, I'll be in Chile. This gospel is true. Go share it with someone who doesn't know yet.

From the family email: I can't believe there's less than a week left. Time is flying by and it's scaring me a little bit haha. Anyway, we got our flight plans and stuff today. The Viña del Mar boys are outta here Monday night at 8:25 PM. We have a direct flight to Santiago. We'll get there Tuesday morning at around 7 AM. I'm so excited but I'm so nervous too. We talk a lot to some of the Latino missionaries. Most of them are from Mexico and we asked them about Chile. All of them said they can't understand Chileans when they talk. They said they talk so fast and so much of what they say is slang. So I'm starting to think a lot of the stuff we've learned won't really apply once we get out there lol. But I know we're gonna speak it eventually so I'm not too worried. I might change my mind when we get out there. I'm gonna call Monday night or tuesday morning. Depending on how the airport goes. Have an awesome week and the next email will be from Chile.

These were gone in like 8 minutes

The squad minus two of the guys

Always eating nutritionally 

Saying goodbye to Elder Allman

See you later Mexico 

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